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Making & Sharing Memories...


Intimate Weddings & Elopements


It's a real pleasure and an honour to witness the abundance of love, joy and laughter that fills small intimate weddings and elopements.

Using a mix of editorial-style wedding photography and fine art photojournalism (aka creative reportage). I’ll stay connected to your day moment to moment, capturing the big moments and the little spontaneous moments too - a smile, a touch, a tear, a good laugh, the atmosphere and emotions.

My approach is not about endless lines of formal groups or specific shot lists, it’s about telling your story by creating beautiful images that capture the real spirit, love and fun of your day.


Together Sessions

Life is about love... yet this simple truth is easy to forget. Love shouldn't only be celebrated on valentines day, weddings, and anniversaries. Love should be celebrated 365 days a year (and 366 days on a leap year!). And the way you celebrate that love should be uniquely you - blast it out loudly, whisper it quietly, be proper cheeky about it, go on adventures, go home - because there's nowhere else you'd rather be and there's nothing else you'd rather feel. And it's that feeling, (that one that's hard to describe but when you feel it, you really feeeel it) that's worth celebrating.

Love is everywhere, it's wrapped up in that giant cuddle after a long day. It's in the morning coffee that always just seem to magically appear when you need it most. It's in all the moments of content silence and it's sooo all over those times when you're being the most silliest versions of yourselves - together. You're in love with your best friend and it doesn't get any better than that (...even when you're bickering over shizz you can't really see eye to eye on... 'cause making-up is half the fun!).

There’s nothing more incredible than finding the one person you can’t live without. Whether we adventure somewhere scenic together or explore the intimacy of your own home, let's have some fun and take a moment to appreciate your beautiful souls ...because when it's all said and done, life is about love, and love is everything.


Client Reviews

We were so pleased with Sonia’s service for our ‘secret’ wedding! Sonia went out of her way to accommodate all our demands (!) and requests for what we wanted and we really felt that she understood what we wanted very quickly.  She did lots of research on the locations we thought we would like (which were a little unusual!) and we really felt confident that she understood us and the occasion that we wanted. She was flexible, organised and also we have been really pleased with the end results - they are memories we will keep forever!  Her friendly and cheerful approach to her work is really refreshing and I felt totally relaxed in her hands (and I HATE having my photo taken!). 
I would recommend her unreservedly.
— Rachel (& Andrew)
Absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful work - those photos came out so lovely and we are so happy!!! Have a great week and best of luck with everything - you have a lot of talent so keep up the great work.
— Jackie & Piotrek

Client Reviews

Sonia was so professional and really went along way to make our pictures a real memory of the day. Prior to the wedding she visited the venue (Pembrook Lodge in Richmond Park) to get a feel for the place and to look for some good locations for group photos and couple shots. And boy did she find them - she even checked the time of the sunset on the particular day so we were there in good time.

She really helped us to relax into the photos so they didn’t look forced for uncomfortable and we have some really great memories of the day, both myself and my husband are so happy with the service she provided we have recommended her to friends looking for a professional, reliable and creative wedding photographer. I can’t recommend Sonia enough she got all the right shots and managed to do so without getting in the way of people enjoying our wedding.
— Jessica (& Simon)

I can not believe this! I have been checking my emails all day waiting for this and so pleased to see the photos! They are so good!  You are soo good at what you do! They are amazing!! I have already screamed the house down. Man! You sure captured everything and got into some wonderful places to capture the mood, fabulous!

I have already told people about you, now they will be able to see for themselves. We really loved having you as our photographer!
— Marcy (& David)
Sonia…these are fabulous, you are a genius!
We thought you should know… x
— Lauri & Matt